Black Feminist Institution Building: Employee Policies in the Age of COVID & Uprising in Defense of Black Life

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How do we hold people when our people are under attack? What does a Black feminist politic look like in an Employee Manual? For the last year and a half, Essie Justice Group has worked to design employee policies to align more fully with our Black feminist, abolitionist values. We’ve learned a great deal (including that it’s not easy and we have more to learn!) We also learned that while it’s tempting to copy and paste other manuals out there, to have a real impact, our policies need to be written intentionally for our people. Our goal for this webinar is to share our employee manual alongside a behind-the-scenes discussion of the goals, process, and tensions involved in its creation. We hope to support others in their own process of designing values-driven employee policies. Attendees at the webinar will receive a copy of Essie’s employee manual for inspiration and adaptation.

Presented by Gina Clayton-Johnson, Founder & Executive Director, Essie Justice Group; Lily Mandlin, Senior Director of Strategy & Operations, Essie Justice Group; and Chantá Parker, Secretary, Board of Directors, Essie Justice Group and Managing Director, Neighborhood Defender Services of Detroit

Recorded: Friday, August 14th at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET