Dedication to Our Sister Tyshion

Tyshion Dedication

Our sister Tyshion has passed on into forever and, though we grieve, we are grateful to have known her. Reading Tyshion’s nomination letter was so beautiful and inspiring. As a mother myself, it was moving to hear how her son uplifted the strength, courage and willpower he saw in his mother. After reading her nomination letter, I immediately felt an urge to call her and invite her into a cohort. I let her know that our Sisterhood was ready for her. Even though we had a connection on the phone, it was that nomination letter from her son that made her trust us. It’s clear to me that if it wasn’t for her son’s words and the way he told her story, she might not have joined a cohort. Because her son trusted us, she trusted us. She felt seen by her son’s letter and after talking to her for about an hour she was excited to join.

When Tyshion first came to Essie, she was curious yet ready for what Sisterhood looks like in Essie spaces. Though she had a tight schedule, she was always excited to join every Thursday night cohort, and she sacrificed a lot to join cohort members every chance she could. When Tyshion walked through the doors of her first cohort in Sacramento, she was super excited to meet everyone. From day 1, Sisterhood was very important to her. In her cohort, she was the first one to ask, “how can I help, how can I be a part of this?” When there was an elder sister in her cohort who needed caretaking, Tyshion rearranged her schedule and set aside time to take on the role of caring for her sister. Tyshion never wanted to let sisterhood down.

Reflection from her cohort facilitators Jess reflects: What I know to be true about Tyshion is that she was selflessly dedicated to helping out others. Her cohort members reflect, “during our cohort, Tyshion embodied the Essie Essential ‘we show up for Sisterhood.’ I will never forget how she showed up for a fellow cohort member who was experiencing neglect by her caregivers and the managers of her senior living facility. She led that rescue alone, broke through our sister’s isolation, and showed her that she mattered. Tyshion reminded me that we have all we need within our Sisterhood to take care of each other. She endured more than any woman should have to, and she had a profound impact on me.”

After Tyshion graduated, she was thrilled to sign up to facilitate the next Sacramento cohort. She was eager to break isolation and to build out a powerful Sacramento region. Tyshion is our sister and even though not all of us knew her or interacted with to her, we do know her. We uplift her in all her dignity and hold her story as a sacred reminder of why we break isolation.

Tyshion, you are missed and loved.

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