The People’s Response Act & the Importance of Black Women’s Leadership

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Progress falters when politicians fail to listen to Black women. 

Black women have always put themselves on the front line to save the lives of loved ones as white supremacy seeks to control and kill. As evidenced in the BREATHE Act and The People’s Response Act (PRA), sponsored by Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo), it is Black women you see fighting for community access to violence intervention, childhood support, housing, mental health care, and basic human rights.

Essie Justice Group and the People’s Response Act Coalition are holding a State & Local Policymaker Teach-In on October 26 at 2pm PST/4 pm EST to spotlight this transformative bill and unveil policy guides that provide step-by-step information on how to advance non-carceral policies. You may have heard about this bill, but here are 3 things about the PRA that the media may not tell you:

  1. The People’s Response Act is Black feminist because it addresses how punitive tactics such as policing and imprisonment uniquely harm Black women
  2. Community-based safety solutions will keep you safer than the police and prisons ever will. For example, “emergency financial assistance for people experiencing economic insecurity, one study showed, halved arrests for violent crime.” By funding community programs, we can care for people in ways that address the root causes of safety issues instead of relying on reactive, violent methods like policing.  
  3. The People’s Response Act reflects growing popular opinion. A recent poll found most Americans support funding community resources and mental health first responders. The PRA is an important way our politicians can reflect the interests of society. 

Learn more about the People’s Response Act and share in our fight to divest from ineffective, harmful systems and invest in tools that provide real care and safety. As we draw closer to the Teach-In, I am celebrating that because of Black women’s leadership, a safer world is not only possible, it’s growing closer every day. 


In solidarity,

Gina Clayton-Johnson

Founder & Executive Director

Ready for a new approach to public safety?

Join us Oct. 26 at 1:00 pm PST/4:00 pm EST for The People’s Response Act State & Local Policymaker Teach-In! Learn how to support community-led, health-based community safety alternatives both on a national and local level.