People’s Response Act State & Local Policy Guides Now Available

PRA Policy Guide

On June 28, 2021, Representative Cori Bush (D-Mo) introduced The People’s Response Act, which signals a significant transformation of how we keep our communities safe. The People’s Response Act is endorsed by Essie Justice Group, Movement for Black Lives, and over 70 other organizations which represents a major shift away from systems rooted in oppression.  

The People’s Response Act, inspired by section II of the BREATHE Act, is an important part of Essie Justice Group’s story in policy work. As the central architect of the BREATHE Act, Essie Justice Group co-authored the People’s Response Act, along with the Movement for Black Lives, which came together to coordinate and chart the course for an appropriate policy response to community public safety needs. This is a crucial step in creating a national solution that incentivizes states and local governments to shrink their criminal-legal systems.

The People’s Response Act is a characteristically Black Feminist response to crisis and harm because it uplifts that we do not need to double down on trauma and separation as means for community safety. We believe in solutions that pave the way for people to have access to the tools and resources to address community needs systemically and holistically. 

Download the State and Local Policy Guides to help champion this roadmap to community safety in your state or local jurisdiction. 

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Sponsored by Essie Justice Group, Black Lives Matter, Color of Change, Civil Rights Corps, and the Movement for Black Lives. 

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