If you or a woman you know has sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, partners, and other loved ones behind bars, please nominate her to be a part of Essie Sister Circle.

Today 1 in 4 women has a family member in prison. Women with loved ones in prison are ready to heal, build, and lead together. Essie Sister Circles are cohorts of women with incarcerated loved ones (including formerly incarcerated women) that come together to focus on healing from trauma and strengthening our voices as advocates for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

What will we do with the information shared on the nomination form?
Essie Justice Group will use the information you share with us to contact your loved one and let her know that you have nominated her to participate. We will first reach out by email or phone (depending on your preference given) and if she responds we will build a supportive and healthy relationship.

How will the woman find out she has been nominated by me?
Our staff will reach out by email, phone, or mail to each woman who is nominated. We will extend our interest in getting to know her and invite her to join the group. We will wait for her response to the nomination before inviting her to the group.

What happens if she joins the program?
Essie Justice Group is building a loving and powerful community of women to come together for workshops that will give us space to heal and build our capacity to advocate. The woman you nominate will have the opportunity to receive supportive tools and a sisterhood who understands her unique challenges and strengths starting with monthly check-ins.

Nomination Form

Nominator Information

I am nominating:
MyselfA Woman I Care About

Reaching out to the woman you are nominating (you or your loved one). Please complete her or your preferred communication:

Tell us about what makes this woman special and a good candidate for Essie Justice Group.

Please Read How We Treat Your Personal Information

We may share your nomination story above anonymously with others to further the mission and development of our group for women with incarcerated loved ones. For example we could take a quote from the nomination above and use it in a campaign to end abusive practices that women and families encounter visiting their incarcerated loved ones. In doing so, to protect confidentiality, we will NEVER disclose names or personally identifiable information when we share nominations with others, unless we get the express permission of those named to do so. We believe breaking isolation and invisibility of women relies upon telling our stories. If you are interested in sharing your story publicly (in writing, on camera, or on the radio) and would like media training and help, please let us know that as well.

I have read and agree to the above.

ATTENTION: If there is a current restraining order between you and the woman you nominate completing and submitting this nomination form could be in violation of that ruling and will be punishable by law. In your best interest and the interest of the program please proceed in accordance with law.