Adlemy Garcia

Statewide Membership Coordinator


Adlemy is Essie’s Statewide Membership Coordinator, building a powerful base of member leaders. They strive to maintain member engagement and leverage all our members’ skills and passions into Essie’s campaign work. Adlemy manages the Membership Structure and co-leads the Statewide Strategy Team and Essie’s regional teams.

Adlemy brings a passion for organizing that connects with the joy and creative strategy of Black and Brown people. Before Essie, Adlemy’s path has been organizing for collective liberation with experience as a student organizer advocating for POC spaces, fighting for tenants’ rights and affordable housing, and building a strategy for a 21st century socialism. As someone who has experienced the incarceration of many loved ones, Adlemy is an Essie member in addition to their staff role; they graduated from an Essie Healing to Advocacy cohort in 2018. Adlemy holds a B.A. with a double major in Psychology and Feminist Studies with a concentration in Law and Social Change from University of California Santa Cruz.