Wynter Daggs

Manager of Executive Office & Special Projects


As Manager of Executive Office & Special Projects, Wynter drives Essie’s strong internal culture, strategy for executive leadership, and management of the cohesion and coordination of the Essie staff team.

Wynter brings her passion for Black feminism to Essie, as well as prior experience in office management roles. As an undergrad student, Wynter was a member of the Black Student Union, participated in on-campus actions fighting racial inequities, started a Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce in her sorority, and focused her thesis on investigating police accountability in federal cases involving Black people killed by police. In addition to her staff role, Wynter is also a member of the Essie Sisterhood; she graduated from a Healing to Advocacy cohort in October 2019. Wynter holds a B.A. in Social Welfare and Black Studies (2019 Valedictorian) from University of California, Berkeley.